Our goal is to create  secure, beautiful, and sustainable spaces that fit your needs so you can live your best life. 


We look to local climate, building practices, and site context to create healthy and long-lasting projects.


We have the skills to navigate your project from predesign to the completed building.


We support and work with local organizations such as ASA, Women & Their Work, and Austin Energy Green Building



Meeta Morrison Design_Meeta_Square_Final

Architect, Owner

“With every new design, I like to ask the clients to tell me stories about how they imagine themselves in their space. What do you want to see and feel when you open your eyes in the morning or make your morning coffee? A house is a sanctuary, and even the mundane can be enjoyable when a space functions well.”

With over 15 years of experience in the design industry, Meeta has worked on a variety of project types and sizes. Her current practice is centered in residential design.


Meeta makes buildings that address the unique needs of their inhabitants and lend elegant consideration to the environmental specifics of the site. To help clients achieve beauty, energy efficiency, and comfort, she draws on timeless principles of passive design, proven strategies for conservation, and the latest in green building technology.


Meeta holds a graduate degree from the School of Architecture at the University of Texas and a BA in Art and Art History from Rice University. Originally from India, she considers herself a Texan and has established deep roots in the Austin community. In her spare time, she loves to putter in her garden, cook, paint, and travel as much as possible.

Business Manager

Kelsey is passionate about design, innovation, and optimization. With her knowledge of construction and management, Kelsey helps the team with organization, and project facilitation.


Marketing Coordinator

Thoom is a creative marketing designer specializing in print and digital media. She helps maintain and organize the marketing strategy for MMD Architecture to include email, social media, and content marketing.



Marcella has been with MMD Architecture for over a year since graduating with her Bachelor of Architecture from The University of Texas at Austin. At MMD, she is responsible for research,  presentation deliverables, and design contribution.


Design Intern

Malavika obtained her Bachelors of Architecture from Manipal University, India. Prior to her completing Masters in Architecture from CU Denver, Malavika worked for a firm focusing on sustainability in Bangalore as a part of training for her licensure. She brings with her unique perspectives of design and latest construction practices.