Woman-Owned, Award-Winning, Boutique Architecture Firm in Austin, TX.




Our goal is to create  secure, beautiful, and sustainable spaces that fit your needs so you can live your best life. 


We look to local climate, building practices, and site context to create healthy and long-lasting projects.


We have the skills to navigate your project from predesign to the completed building (we know things so you don't have to).


We support and work with local organizations such as ASAWomen & their Work, and Austin Energy Green Building



Architect, Owner

"With every new design I like to ask the clients to tell me stories about how they would like to imagine themselves in their space. It's not really a question of the numbers: square feet, numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, but of what you want to see and feel when you open your eyes in the morning or make your morning coffee. A house is a sanctuary and I believe that even the mundane can be enjoyable when a space functions well."

Project Manager

Rachelle is a thinker who tries to work on everything from drawing sets to branding and marketing.

She's currently working from her new home in the mountains in BC, Canada.

Creative Designer

Marcella is a talented artist and writer in her spare pandemic time, and brings her creativity to the team. She is a recent B.Arch graduate from the UT School of Architecture.

Creative Admin.

Rajiv is the one who organizes all our data and makes sure that the stuff that never gets done actually does. He's also a talented writer and is taking his final year at NYU.

Rohan Tiwari

Rendering Wizard

Rohan is the creator of some unique graphics and renderings we have featured. He's currently in architecture school at NJIT. Make sure to check him out on instagram @archi.cide



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