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Under Construction
New Construction
Allandale Neighborhood, Austin, TX

New Building: 770 SF    Garden Planters: 835 SF


Located in the Allendale neighborhood, this 770sqft guesthouse is the perfect extension of home for a young family. The clients are avid gardeners and appreciate every chance they have to be one with nature. Catering to their wish, this guest house is strategically planned around their beautiful existing garden, not just by providing views to it but also help sustain it through green practices on site such as rainwater harvesting. The garden serves as a buffer between the existing house and the new guest house while being visually connected, striking the balance between privacy and security. On the inside, the guesthouse accommodates 2 bedrooms, a spacious living area and open kitchen with ample storage space designed for a family of three or for when extended family visit. 

Gardenhouse Ortho Diagram.png
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