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Meeta Awasthi Morrison has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember. Whether oils, acrylics, chalk, pencil or charcoal, art has always been a way for her to tell stories about her cultural duality as an immigrant from India, her love affair with food and nature, and the landscapes that inhabit her life. She studied art and art history at Rice University, concentrating on painting and printmaking. Meeta has shown her work regionally in the Southern US. Although her current career path has lead her away from the realm of studio art to the field of architecture, Meeta still finds time to paint and draw. Her work in the design profession is influenced by her sense of composition,color and line, and the importance and tension of the space between objects.


Cost of originals is dependent on size and material of print.

All artwork is available as a limited edition print.

For more information please call or email.

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